Merging Theme Design with Dining

The LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY DINING is comprised of an exclusive team of theme designers, contractor, and real-estate investor who have teamed up to bring extraordinary dining experiences to the Central Florida and beyond!  

The core idea behind the LEAGUE is to create a collection of unique venues that deliver at a similar level of theming, yet expressed through different stories and environments at each location.    Originally conceived at Story Builder Design by an award-winning theme park creative executive, this concept is brought to reality by the talents of a successful theme designer/contractor and an established real estate investor, combining to form the founding members behind the LEAGUE.

...And we have only just begun!

Help bring our worlds to life!

WANTED:   Elves, Warlocks, Gangsters, Submarine Captains, Fire-Eaters, and more!   Help us bring our enchanted worlds to life through roles that couple performance with hosting, serving, and bar-tending.  This is a job like no other, where the cast has as much fun as the guests!

A unique collection of truly extraordinary dining venues.