Don't bake it.

Just eat it.

The world's first Batter Bar coming soon to FL!

Meet the great Tucker Sweetooth and his... shall we say, accomplice, Sugar Lviv, founders of The batter Bar.

Tucker was just like so many of us who love to lick the bowl and eat raw batter. But a quick wrap on his knuckles from a wooden spoon would always remind him that eating batter was forbidden! He spent most of his life during th e"batter prohibition" just like we all did, -- sneaking a spoonful here and there, living in the shadows wondering if he will ever get caught. Tucker set out to make batter that was not only SAFE TO EAT, but it was meant to be eaten the way we always wanted... as BATTER!

Tucker's bootleg batter uses a top secret, egg-free, totally safe recipe.